Welcome to Mental Breaks and Manis!


 Hello! And welcome to my blog! This is my first time doing something like this-actually, I fibbed, Queen of Nails 83 gave me a guest spot on her blog. She gave me the blog bug! Thanks Krystal!!! Now for what you can expect.
Among my incredible whit and charm (hey! It could be true…hehehe) you’ll share my obsession with me- NAIL POLISH!!!! My love of nail art, and my constant striving for a beautiful mani. And with all that interesting subject matter I may throw in a bit of seriousness from time to time and talk about something else important to me. Mental Health.
You see, in the two years that I’ve been in the nail art community, I’ve met some amazing people who, like me, struggle. Depression is an insidious disease! Insidious because it isolates you. It makes you feel like you’re alone in your struggle, or that you have to be alone in it. Makes you feel like you’re not worthy, not talented, not loved!
And, whether it is temporary (anyone can get sad from time to time) or a life long thing, many of the people I’ve come across struggle daily, and hurt to the point of losing or having lost, hope. Remember Ane Li? An incredibly talented, yet sad soul. No one had any idea how horrible she was feeling.
Nail art came to me- or rather I to it, when I was at a point in my life where I was lost. Where I felt alone, and not worth much. Nail art, and nail polish changed that for me! So, I’d like to share my journey with you. And along the way, if you gain knowledge or I gain knowledge, or like me, an obsession for all sorts of pretty polish then I’ll feel I’ve accomplished something. So take my hand and take the plunge with me!!!!
In my next post (which will be my “official” launch of the blog, I’ll have an interview with Jenalyn Miller, owner of Lyn B Designs, a review of Wickedly Sick Nails nail glitter, some “anti Valentine” nail art, swatches and more!

Until then take care of yourselves!

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