Sassy Sauce…Blinding You With Vibrance!!

Get it??! Instead of the song “Blinding You With Science”, it’s Blinding You With Vibrance!! Only old people like me, and kids with parents like me will get it, bahahahahaa! This morning’s (at least it’s morning when I’m writing this) post is brought to you by Sassy Sauce’s April Collection releasing Saturday April 14th, 10 AM CST. And as with each new collection Carrie releases you can’t miss it!

Now, you would think that as a person with the skin tone consistent with copier paper neons would look UH-MAZING on me. But being the self aware person I am, I will admit this isn’t always the case! But it absolutely IS the case with this neon/bright collection!

The set of ALL 7 neons is $59, the entire 11 piece set is $95 and this collection is worth every penny and more!! And since I’ve already offended you with my play on words earlier, I’ll get right to the beautiful polish-it will definitely make up for it!


Sassy April Hot Pink

This beauty is Pinki’s Out, a neon pink creme that applies like a dream!! No kidding! This was opaque in about 2 coats. I say about because it was really one coat that I put on a little thicker, but then put a thin second coat on. It applied smoothly and wasn’t streaky like some polishes can get. Unless otherwise stated, I use 2 coats and a quick drying topcoat with all the polishes.


Sassy April Orange

“My polish is so bright, I gotta wear shaaaades!” Anyone know what song that was based on? Be the first to answer and guess correctly and win a bottle of polish! No cheating! LOL. This bright orange creme polish is called Push It Up. Now if you can tell me what song is in my head when I see this name and by who I’ll give you a HUGE gold star!!! But seriously, my camera went NUTS when shooting these polishes they’re so bright! I love the vibrancy of these colors and will be doing a live soon to see if they watermarble and stamp too! ‘Cuz seriously, who can’t justify spending money on polish that does all that and is beautiful to boot!!


Sassy April Red

Comin’ In Haute is described as a neon Salmon, but I see it as more of a neon cherry, or a neon strawberry color. It has these gorgeous, subtle blue and silver shimmahs that give it extra depth. Unfortunately, my cameras depth perception was on vacation that day so you can’t see it very well, but it’s there!  Again, the formula is divine!!!



Don’t Call Me Mellow reminds me of that REEEEEALLY OLD song that has the lyrics “They call me mellow yellow”. Again, kids won’t know this LOL however, those of us who age gracefully do! This bright yellow creme reminds me of a shirt I had when I was a teenager. Our kids think they’re cooler than us, but everything they wear- we wore first right??? hahaha kids!



Ain’t Always Greener (ain’t that the truth) is a neon green creme with a gold shimmer. I’ve actually seen grass this color before!! Anyone else? hahahahaha But seriously, it was almost exactly this shade, and no I don’t do drugs! LOL I gotta tell ya that most of the weird crap I see I’m totally sober for!



Grape You’re Busted is a bright purple creme polish. This color reminds me of grape Now and Laters, and damn I loved those candies!!! Still do!


Sassy April Purple

Peace Out is Carrie’s middle finger to the cold weather. My words not hers lol. My middle finger too! LOL I live in Upstate NY and it refuses to be anything but crappy here!! This polish is a metallic purple polish with a lavender rose shimmer and a dusting of holo and multichrome flakies. This polish is $10. But remember you can get the entire 11 polish set for only $95!!



Mermaid’s Mouthwash is a turquoise shimmer polish with gold and multichrome flakies then dusted with bronze and lavender holo micro glitter to give you this fantastic polish. This polish is $10.



Now onto the thermal portion of the program! This beauteous babe is Twerple. This is a purple to teal thermal that has a blue shimmer and multichrome flakies. With both of the thermals I’m going to show you, a topcoat is recommended. I have to tell ya that as soon as I put this polish on it started shifting and stayed like this! It has a perfect shift line in this shot! Perfect for me, as this is how I like to see my thermals.



The next thermal for the April release is Purpink. This is a purple to pink shifting thermal with a copper shimmer and multichrome flakies. Again, a topcoat is recommended. $10 for the thermal polishes. And if you’ve seen March’s thermal Shadow Storm, which by the way has been restocked) Sassy Sauce thermals are worth every penny and more!!

So, that’s the wonderful polish we have for Sassy Sauce Polish! Don’t forget that the Group Custom has been restocked. Make sure you join the Facebook group Sassy Sauce Sistas to get the code for the gorgeous group custom. Also, FREE SHIPPING on orders of $60 or more!! So not only will you get your 11 polishes for a great deal, you won’t pay ANY SHIPPING!!!


Next up I’ve got some items I got from Born Pretty to review. I chose some Holographic polishes from them that I’ve been dying to try!

So read on for my opinion of the items I got from Born Pretty.

All of the polishes you see are UV/LED polishes, which I didn’t realize when I chose them. I for some unknown reason thought I was choosing regular polish as opposed to gel. All these are 2 coats and no topcoat. I thought I’d have a quick take off because I used liquid latex under it. HA! Did you know that if you put it under gel polish it’s not as easy as you think?? LOL So I ended up taking it off with an e-file until I got  down to the liquid latex then just gave a bit of a sanding and pulled it off!


The first polish is 19 from the Color Dragon Series. It was pretty thick, but after a vigorous shake it was ok. This was a polish that I’d put on top of another polish, or by itself on your nail (as shown in photo). It was very pretty on, and for people who don’t like fussy, or bright colors (I LOVE THEM!) this is perfect as a quick mani on the go, or something that goes with everything. And best of all to us “sparkaholics” it’s super sparkly!

Also, if you guys are interested in any of these, I’ll be including links for them after the review. Maybe by my next review I’ll figure out links! BAHAHAHAHHAAA!!! Seriously, I know how sad that is!



So, next up I have Crystal Glitter Gel (BP-05). This is a very soft color. It shows somewhere between a champagne and gold color. It wasn’t as thick as the first gel shown, it had a pretty nice consistency. This too has a very pretty shine to it! I cured these for 60 seconds under my fabulous UV/LED light (I absolutely LOVE my light!!)



And last but certainly not least this ruby red holo gel polish is Red Sparkle Gel (BP-08).  This is a deep red- I LOVE DARK COLORS!!! Reminds me of Dorothy’s Slippers in the Wizard of Oz. I personally am a huge fan of the Wicked Witch!! lol Anyway, as I was saying, this is a deep red gel polish with holographic glitter.

To be honest with gel polishes I prefer the e-file method of removal. I have recently acquired sensitive skin, so for me it is better to file it off than to soak cotton pads with acetone and sit them under nail caps for a while.

Well kids, this wraps up this episode of Mental Breaks and Manis, but before I go, I wanted to address something. You know that family that suddenly doesn’t agree with what you said or did (but it’s not really their business) or ex friends that decided that they didn’t want to be friends anymore because either someone else convinced them that you aren’t worth being their friend, or they’re just asses and don’t need/want anything from you at the moment? So if they’re family they’ll walk out of the room or house when you come in, or friends they won’t acknowledge you exist if you are out or with a group of friends because they feel slighted by you somehow?

Now, if they don’t tell you and just totally blow you off then F them! I know it sounds harsh, but if they won’t tell you what’s wrong, won’t talk it over with you, or if you actually DO know what you did and want to sincerely apologize then you can’t beat yourself up!!

As women, and possibly some men, we are consumed by guilt for all sorts of reasons. If we’re moms we can’t give our children every single thing they want. Or you’re absolutely bone tired and your kid/s want you to play games but you can’t work up the energy to do it. Soooo all the sudden we’re thinking we’re absolute SHIZIT as parents and our kids will hate us, etc., etc. If we’re wives (I’m not) or have significant others (I don’t) and we are too exhausted at the end of the day to make dinner one night out of the week when we do it 364 other days of they year, then all the sudden we’re SHIZIT as wives/significant others and we’re going to be alone forever. Or our hubbies/s.o.’s guilt us into thinking it, we believe it.

Well guess what? We don’t need to accept that guilt! We can refuse it because those who truly love us won’t make us feel like crap! Yes, in a perfect world it would never happen, but even those that love us don’t always consider they’re hurting us.

Bottom line is if your family, friends, nail art friends want to leave some place when you walk in let them go and don’t give them another thought! You don’t need their approval. And you especially don’t need their negative energy!! F them my darlings!

Well, that’s my rant for now. Until the next edition, take care of yourself, your loved ones, and above all YOUR POLISH!!!!! hahahahahaaaa



Links to the Born Pretty polish shown above:

**Also let me note that for any polish/product I receive, I am not paid for my opinion. I give my honest opinions about the products I use/swatch whether positive or not. I wouldn’t want someone to blow sunshine up my skirt about something, and I won’t do it to my readers.***

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