Special Edition **In Memorium**

The polish world and the world in general suffered a great loss over the weekend. On Friday, April 27th Molly Watson of Shinespark Polish was murdered. May her family find peace! And may Molly rest in peace. I spoke with Molly a couple of times and each time she was sweet and funny. And for that type of woman to be ripped from the world is extremely tragic!!

I’ve heard Molly spoken of as sweet, caring, creative, funny, and down to earth. And she leaves behind Shinespark as her legacy! A beautiful polish, from a beautiful soul. No one knows all the details, like was she in an abusive relationship? Did she know about his wife, etc.? But I’m not here to speculate, and truthfully as an outsider it’s none of my business. But I am a caring person and I’m here to say that if YOU are someone in an abusive relationship, if you are with someone who degrades you, lies to you, is mentally and physically abusive- you have to get out!

It’s easier said than done for some, but speaking from experience you need to leave. ESPECIALLY if you have children! There is a lot of support for abused women. And I know it’s hard, but for your safety and the safety of your children you have to leave.

You ARE worth something. You ARE loved. You deserve better, and you can’t let anyone tell you differently! You can’t “fix” your partner! You can’t be/do better and therefor make them happy! It doesn’t work like that. They’re broken and you didn’t create it, you can’t make it better. No matter what you do, he/she will never be satisfied!! Never! Like I said, I’ve been through it. There is hope, and help for you.

If you need help it’s a click or a phone call away! I’ve had to leave a bad situation, and it took a while to get out, but I did. I struggled with self worth, and self esteem. But I work on it daily. And you can too. You’re not stupid for getting yourself into the situation- some people blame the victim- they’re dead wrong!

Reach out, help is there!! You are stronger than you think!

If there is a Go Fund Me for Molly Watson, please let me know and I’ll be happy to share it here on my blog, my IG, or FB. And normally I’m not one to put hate out into the world, Gods know there’s enough to go around! But may that man get back to him ONE THOUSAND times the pain and anguish that he has caused!! But for now, please take care of yourself, and please if you need ever to talk, I’m always available. And again- YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

Until next time, take care of yourselves!!

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