Polish Con After Glow, Sassy Sauce Keeping It Hot with Her Summer Collection, and Win 500 Bucks To Do Nail Art!!

Polish Con or Bust!

“OH MY GOD ALY! LOOK AT HER POLISH!!!” As you all know I love to put random sentences to music. I’m not sure why, it’s just the way my nutty mind works. So this was brought to you by Sir Mix-a-Lot. Hahahahahaha! Yes, I’m THAT old! Anywho, I am still basking in the afterglow of Polish Con. If it weren’t for the hotel having the event I would have been happily broke right now. As it is, I’m not happily broke, I’m just broke.

The hotel made a HUGE boo boo and took hundreds out of my account it should not have! Mind you I’m still super mad, but I just chant “Glisten & Glow, Girly Bits, Bees Knees” over and over and I feel better! So, without further ado I’ll get to what you came here for! I have tons of NYC pics, but I’ll just put in the Polish Con and polish pics and you can see me mugging in NYC on my Facebook page- Dark Moon Nails.

First up, we have the highlight of my day! This is my must have Polish Con selfie with Jill of Glisten & Glow Polish with a special guest appearance from Krystal (Queen of Nails 83)!! I couldn’t believe it when I saw her standing at the check in table!! I have to admit I fan girled it with Krystal  and since I’ve never seen Krystal doing anything but sitting behind her nail desk, or in her vehicle I had no idea how tall she was. But sitting or standing Krystal is beautiful inside and out!

And Jill, her heart just glows!! (get it??hehe) Shown below from L to R is Jill, myself, and “The Queen” Krystal. We had some issues with our first selfie. LOL



Next up is a shot of the AMAZING ladies of Girly Bits Cosmetics. OMG!! I never wanted to stop shopping at their table! The gorgeousness of their polishes just sucked me in! These ladies have a customer for life!! Shown below is (first photo) the ladies hard at work setting up for the Polish Con rush and (second photo) the ladies were kind enough to take a moment to pose for me!

061Girly Bits Owners


I got to meet a lot of wonderful people that I talk to on IG, or do collabs with them, or- as with the lady below- drooling over her live swatch videos, or her “stunnin'” photos! This lovely lady here is Tiffany (@stunnin.nails). She was part of the Glisten and Glow team and was also selling the BEAUTIFUL, little flowers that had petals painted in the colors of the various Glisten and Glow collections.

Oh man, were these flowers pretty! I believe Tiffany still has a few for sale! Contact her to get them, you will not be disappointed!! I struggled to pick just one! It was wonderful to meet you Tiff!!! And you’re not too far away…hehe 😉



I want to say a special CONGRATULATIONS to this lovely lady (shown below)!!! I have been IG friends with Susie for over 2 years now. Not only is she a super, fabulous, wonderful, sweet, and a million other adjectives…. She just graduated nail school and is on her way to be licensed!! You’re on your way Susie Q!!! It was great finally meeting you!



I was super excited to be able to co-host the watermarble tutorial table with Fiona Coen-Tunca!! Watermarbling is something I TRULY LOVE TO DO!!! And co-hosting with someone who’s a teacher by trade means handouts and tips and tricks! Fiona put together a great tips and tricks sheet (which I didn’t get one haha) that she handed out to our participants full of great info. I love showing people how to watermarble! It’s a skill that can be difficult because there are so many factors that contribute to a successful watermarble, that if just one is off you end up wanting to throw your polish across the room!

We had close to 20 people who braved the watermarble tutorial table, and since the hotel didn’t want the smell of polish all through the building, they said we couldn’t have a “hands on” class. Well, what we ended up doing is demoing how to watermarble, giving our advice on watermarbling and then each attendee who wanted to was able to take a pop stick and try their hand at watermarbling. Everyone did a wonderful job!! I painted my sticks white ahead of time (so the colors would really pop) and they got to keep their pop stick to remind themselves that they really can watermarble! WAY TO GO LADIES!!! P.S. If any of you ladies who attended watermarbling were able to get photos and/or videos, could you PLEASE send them to me??


Sassy Sauce… At It Again!!

I probably say this each time that Sassy Sauce releases a collection, but it’s true each and every time! Carrie-creator of Sassy Sauce Polish continues to outdo herself! Carrie has come a long way in the last few collections. She comes up with beautiful, unique creations and has a fabulous formula!

Carrie is participating in this months’ Lacquer Collab Box is available for preorder June 22nd 1 PM EST thru June 26th at 11:59 PM EST with Mocha Mintini. Yummm! $12/bottle.


Mocha Mintini is a mocha thermal with sparkling aurora shimmers and duochrome shifting flakies that when warm it will transition into a gorgeous mint green. $12/bottle.

Dreams really do come true with the June Dreams Come True Collection by Sassy Sauce. In Sassy Sauce Sistas FB page we were asked what our dream polish would be and this month Carrie made some lucky ladies’ dreams come true!

I want to thank Shirley Johnson for dreaming up and naming It’s My Party. This glittery, bright, pink has a blue shift, silver and aurora shimmer with just the right amount of holo glitter. Hell, who am I kidding, what amount of holo isn’t the right amount?! $9/bottle.



Next up is Across the Universe. WOW!! is all I can say about this magnetic polish! Julie Holt I LOOOOOVE your imagination!!! She dreamed and it came into being! This gun metal magnetic holo is- just- WOW! As per usual, magnet is included while supplies last. $10/bottle.



Get Your Pidge-on (isn’t that the cutest damn name??! Melanie Saville dreamed up this grey based duo-shifting magnetic with a green. blue, violet shift. Looks just like the pigeons you see with the iridescent feathers, right?? $10/bottle.



Now, though not a part of the Dreams Come True collection, these next polishes are just WOW!



Razberry Lemonade is a mauve thermal with aurora shimmer, Rose Gold and duo-chrome shifting flakies that shifts to a sparkling yellow. In the first photo you see, you’ll see the bottle is really light. I wanted to show you a warm bottle shot- ok, ok I didn’t really want to do that, but after holding the bottle for so long, staring at it’s loveliness, I warmed up the bottle. Hahahaha! But seriously, it is beauteous!



Just look at this SEXY BITCH!!!! Gypsy Diva is a holo base with a lavender shimmer and LOADED with multiple duo-shifting flakies! The shimmer is absolutely STUNNING in any light, however, I do love it in the lower light. You catch just a glimpse at it out of the corner of your eye and BAM! the holo hits your eyeballs and you’re mesmerized until your coworker comes up and says if she catches you staring at your nails again she’s going to scream! Bahahahahahahaaa! So, I just looked back at my nails (if I hadn’t told you I can be a real biotch) LOL.

And now for pièce de résistance!Also this month, you’ll see that Sassy Sauce has extended her stamping polish offerings to a new trio. If you like crisp, clean lines, amazing opacity and just damn awesome stamping polish, this trio is for you!!


Carbon Stamping Polish (far left) is a black one coater stamping polish. I also used it to polish under a mani and it’s opaque as hell!

Scrambled Stamping Polish is a yellow one coat stamping polish.

Marshmallow Stamping Polish is a white one coat stamping polish.

Each polish is $7.50 or get the entire trio for $21.

Below I’ve shown you what each polish looks like on both black and white polishes so you can see the crispness of the lines, and opacity of the polish. I can’t wait to see what more stamping polishes Carrie comes out with!!


Dear Lord just look at that yellow on the black! In my experience, a lot of times you’ll stamp over black or a darker color with other colored stamping polishes and the stamped color fades. NOT with Scrambled! It’s AMAZING!!! Gee, it sure would be great if Sassy Sauce came out with some NEON stamping polishes, or a sky blue stamping polish, or something like that… hint hint Carrie (if she doesn’t read this someone tell her I hinted please) LOL.


And Sassy Sauce’s Matte Top Sauce ($6) is shown in the above photo. You can see the stamping after the matte top coat has been put on. I don’t normally use matte top coat much. I tend to like shiny manis, but this matte top coat is wonderful! The formula isn’t too thick, or too runny. It goes on great, and mattified this mani in ONE swipe!!

GET $500 To Do What You Love?? YES!!!

And here’s how…

Back with her first collection since the hurricanes last year, Monique from Boii Cosmetics (famous for their watermarbling capabilities) has released 10, yes TEN brand new polishes!! And get this…. THEY’RE THERMAL AND THEY WATERMARBLE!!!! Whaaaaat??!! YES! Monique has knocked it way out of the park with these polishes!

This is the  Girl Power Neon Thermal Color Changing Collection. And woah is all I can say about these polishes! Now you might not know this but I have a watermarbling fetish that I don’t get to indulge in as much as I want. But with these polishes you can watermarble to your hearts content and STILL get many different looks out of just one mani.

Now, Monique wants to give you $500 to show off your skills with this collection! Prove you’re the TOP Nail Artist using the Girl Power collection and follow these rules:

  1. You must submit a Thermal Color Changing Neon nail design. This design isn’t limited to water marble designs. You can use ANY nail art technique to make your design using polishes from the Girl Power collection. Your design may include white or black for stamping, or accenting, however, 90% of the design MUST be done with polishes from the Girl Power collection.
  2. The competition is open to everyone over the age of 18. If you are under 18, you must have your parents give a written, notarized letter in order for you to collect the prize if you are the winner.
  3. Contestants can submit either a video or a photo of their own nail art design.
  4. Contestants must post boiicosmetics logo in their video or photo. When posting photos please post with our nail polish bottles. If posting videos please include our nail polish bottle in your video.
  5. Contestants MUST tag boiicosmetics in video/photo submission.
  6. Winner will be chosen by the owners of Boiicosmetics. This decision will be based on the most creative nail art thermal design.
  7. All contestants must submit work before 11:59 pm September 20th, 2018.
  8. Contestants can submit multiple times.
  9. Contestants must follow us on Instagram.
  10. $500 will be given to the winner September 30th. A winner will be chosen September 21st.
  11. Repost the challenge on your Instagram page and tag 3 people in the comments below the post.

Now, in my next post, you’ll see all of the designs I’ve come up with so far. And unlike me, this polish reacts quickly to change (that’s a good thing) hahaha. The colors are absolutely fabulous, and like I said, you’ll see that in each mani you can get at least two manis from it!

So…RUN, don’t walk to your Instagram and give a follow to @boiicosmetics and GET. THIS. COLLECTION!!!

Deets for this collection will be in my next post coming soon!! Until then, as always take care of yourself first if you want to be able to take care of others! It’s OK to take time for yourself, to reset yourself, to do for you.


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