Sassy Sauce’s Indieversary Collection, & Dark Moon’s (that’s me) MAJOR Giveaway

On July 15th 1 year ago, Sassy Sauce burst into the Indie World!

And since then this brand has garnered a steady following and evolved into a brand to be watched! Ever since Carrie contacted me to start swatching for her brand, and I’ve watched as she has, collection after collection, brought some beautiful thermals, and ‘mazing magnetics to life!

The July release is no different! Set to release July 28th, 10 AM CST the complete set of July’s releases is $54. Sassy’s got a lovely thermal and went back to basics with a linear holo! So, without further delay- Sassy Sauce’s Indieversary Collection!


This beauty is The House Began To Switch ($10). This is the over pour from the Indie Shop Seattle’s VIP bag. This shimmery black thermal “switches” to a silver/baby blue with blue sparks and holo flakies and glitter. This polish goes on smooth, not bumpy like some polishes that have glitter can be. Shown here is 2 coats and a quick dry topcoat.



BUCKLE UP BABY($10)!!!! This limited edition polish is Carrie’s ode to the years to come! Full of unknown possibilities, this linear holo has chameleon micro glitter and several different duo chrome shifting flakies. This polish WILL NOT BE RESTOCKED and there are ONLY 30 bottles available! So make sure you get yours!



Here’s To You($10) a Metallic Blurple with some aurora shimmers and 3 kinds of duochrome shifting flakies. This polish was created as a sort of toast to everyone who has has any part of bringing Sassy Sauce to where it is today!


Ask and you shall receive!! In my last blog post for the June release of Sassy Sauce you’ll notice I pretty much begged for some more stamping colors! And TADAAA!! Lilac Stamping Sauce ($7.50) is a one coat stamping sauce you can use to stamp or as a one coat polish.



Shiny Disco Ball($10) is a linear holo base packed with every size holo glitter they had and a bit of aurora pigment to add flare. The polish is textured and may require a couple coats of topcoat ( I used one coat of Seche Vite, but that could have been because it’s pretty thick because it’s at the end of the bottle lol). It may also be a pain to remove, so you may want to use it as an accent nail, but it’s well worth it! Hey! Every great party has a disco ball right? 😉



Leapin’ Lizards($10) is a beautiful, shimmery, olive color with aurora shine and blue, purple, and green shifting flakies. Just look at it!!! In the second photo, I thought the dinosaur plate from CJS (Clear Jelly Stamper) that I received in the June(?) My Mani Box ( check it out, they have some great boxes!



There is nothing I like more than a good giveaway! Other than to WIN a good giveaway (hahaha). Actually, there is something I do like more, and that’s hosting a major giveaway!! In my next post, I’ll be posting some photos of just a few of the polishes I have for my giveaway, as well as listing some other things I’m planning on providing. I absolutely LOVE hosting a giveaway. Of course there’ll be rules (booooring, but necessary), but they’ll be pretty simple. No one is sponsoring the giveaway, but there are a lot of generous sponsors!

And, I’ll also be providing some of MY OWN products!! Yes, ladies and gentleman as a result of a lot of research, and repeated testing, I’m launching Dark Moon Nails Dark Moon Esscentuals!! I’ve always been obsessed with long nails, and unless I had on extensions I always got hang nails and couldn’t get my nails to grow! Not to mention as you get older and you don’t drink a lot of water or take many vitamins your skin and nails can suffer!

With constantly changing my polish, and swatching more and more, I found myself going through a TON of cuticle and nail oil as well as acetone additive. And while I liked them, I needed something that addressed the specific issues of my nails, and my skin. Dark Moon Esscentuals is a result of that. Check out Bees Knees Buzz for a chance to win one of five sets of my cuticle oil and acetone additive. Starting 7/24/18.

Until later, have a wonderful day and take care of yourselves!!


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