Dark Moon Esscentuals…Better Late Than Never!

Hello my lovely friends!! I’ve missed you all!! It’s been so long since I’ve written anything. I’ve had quite a few months of drama, and finally it seems to be settling down. Thank Gods! I have to be honest, it’s been pretty rough the last few months mentally, and it’s been a challenge battling back depression. I lost a lot these last 3 months, things that were very important to me, but that’s why it’s so important to do things to distract yourself when you’re battling depression.
Keep yourself busy, do things you enjoy- although sometimes the thought of it takes too much energy, you don’t want to obsess to much over the thoughts that race around and around. So, sometimes take that last little bit of energy and do something for yourself! YOU DESERVE IT!!!
Which brings me to my next subject. After a long time of thinking about it, and formulating, and testing and having things tested I decided that I wanted to make things that help with the care of nails, and the skin that surrounds them. And after more than a year I decided to make my nail care products more than a hobby!!
So I proudly announce the grand opening of my store and my brand Dark Moon Esscentuals!! I’m incredibly excited about this!! For now I offer my Cuticle Crack, a super moisturizing, non-greasy cuticle/nail oil that is specially formulated to soak in quickly and not leave you with a greasy feeling that can happen with some products. In my own personal experience this oil saved my nails after taking off my gel extensions and trying to get them back into some semblance of health. And my nails are in the best shape they’ve ever been!
Is it just my Cuticle Crack? You decide! 🙂  I also offer an acetone additive, and Moon Dust. Moon Dust can be used as a soak during a mani or pedi, or you can use a larger amount in your bath. It’s a luxurious, fizzy, skin softening treat!!
Now, without further ado, I present….

Dark Moon Esscentuals Shop


I hope to see you there!!! Until then, take care of yourselves. Pamper yourself, live and love to your fullest!!

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